Eat My Mortgage

Let’s introduce you to the mortgage reduction concept known as Eat My Mortgage.

Have you thought what life would be like with no mortgage … once your mortgage is paid off and you are living in a freehold home.

For many Kiwis that have a large mortgage this seems like a dream.

Only old people live in freehold homes.

But it is possible to pay your mortgage off faster and the benefits of doing so are huge.

Get A Mortgage Reduction System That Works

Over the past few months I have been working on a mortgage reduction system and have put the strategies into an e-book for you.

I’ve called this “Eat My Mortgage” and it’s a simple mortgage reduction system that helps you structure your mortgage and show you how to pay your mortgage off faster.

What is it, and why should you be interested?

Hello, my name is Stuart Wills and I’m the creator of the Eat My Mortgage concept.

The author of the Eat My Mortgage e-book and mortgage reduction system.
Stuart Wills: The author of the Eat My Mortgage e-book and mortgage reduction system.

I’ve spent over 20-years as a mortgage adviser and the concept was born out of the work that I have done helping people pay their home loans off faster.

I know that there are some mortgage repayment programmes that cost thousands of dollars and I wanted to create something that is so easy to use that anyone with a mortgage can benefit from.

In my e-book you will learn how to structure and manage your loans with your existing bank.

It may seem so logical once you get started that you will wonder why the bank hadn’t shown you this already, but then the banks are not really that keen to save you money are they?

But this Eat My Mortgage concept goes beyond just showing you how to set up your loans.

Sign up to Eat My Mortgage below and over the weeks, months and years ahead you will be given new ideas and tips that you can apply to your situation. We

I’m excited to see that you are ready to take the first step.

Paying off your mortgage faster can be extremely satisfying and will set you up financially for a brighter future.

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